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Our professional staff responds to the challenges of building up and managing one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. We offer career paths that are designed to let you achieve your visions.

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Our mission is to ensure that all equipment functions properly and is available when needed through Continuous Improvement, Predictive Maintenance, Skilled Troubleshooting and Repair Activities. Our goal is for High-Tech equipment to be maintained by a team with High-Tech skills.



Building vehicles with World-Class quality using cutting-edge technologies is our passion. Our production team offers great opportunities for professionals of all manufacturing disciplines. We will enable you to show your skills and advance your career.



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Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A. is a jointly owned-and-operated automotive production plant. Our facility is expected to create 4,000 Jobs and will build 300,000 vehicles a year, beginning in 2021.
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At Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA Inc., we offer the opportunity to end each day with a smile and a sense of pride in the work that you do. Our innovative, inclusive environment allows every single one of our team members the chance to learn from others and do something that matters – from building vehicles that lead in quality & value to making a true difference in Mazda Toyota Manufacturing and our hometown North Alabama community.


Huntsville is a fast growing city well known for it's aerospace and military industry. Several Fortune 500 companies are located in the metropolitan area with a population of around 450,000.
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Huntsville, Alabama


AIDT: The Mission of AIDT (Alabama Industrial Development Training) is to provide quality workforce development for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses, and to expand the opportunities of its citizens through the jobs these businesses create.
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KellyOCG: KellyOCG is the leading global advisor of talent supply chain strategies, aligning talent strategy to business strategy across all internal and external worker categories. We connect talent and business together in a way that advances careers and business goals alike.
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We believe that sharing common values and bringing together ideas from all people of a community triggers more engagement, creativity and performance. By inspiring each other and fostering an inclusive, friendly environment that helps us thrive as individuals we create a unique and cooperative work sphere.

We value diversity and inclusion and care for everybody that supports us with his and her skills.

Find your future with us and join our team!

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Now Hiring a Few Select Individuals to lead our production teams and help us build not only vehicles but also our company and our future.

First start dates in July 2019

Some positions requires ability and commitment to travel to Japan for 3 consecutive months starting in October 2019

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Mazda and Toyota Establish Joint-Venture Company "Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc."

Mazda Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation have established their new joint-venture company "Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc." (MTMUS) that will produce vehicles in Huntsville, Alabama starting in 2021.

The new plant will have the capacity to produce 150,000 units of Mazda's crossover model that will be newly introduced to the North American market and 150,000 units of the Toyota Corolla. The facility is expected to create up to 4,000 jobs. Toyota and Mazda are investing $1.6 billion towards this project with equal funding contributions.

"We hope to make MTMUS a plant that will hold a special place in the heart of the local community for many, many years," said Mazda's Executive Officer Masashi Aihara, who will serve as President of MTMUS. "By combining the best of our technologies and corporate cultures, Mazda and Toyota will not only produce high-quality cars but also create a plant that employees will be proud to work at and contribute to the further development of the local economy and the automotive industry. We hope that cars made at the new plant will enrich the lives of their owners and become much more than just a means of transportation."

"The new plant, which will be Toyota's 11th manufacturing facility in the U.S., not only represents our continuous commitment in this country, but also is a key factor in improving our competitiveness of manufacturing in the U.S.," said Hironori Kagohashi, executive general manager of Toyota and MTMUS's Executive Vice President. "We are committed to realizing a highly competitive plant and producing vehicles with the best quality for customers by combining Toyota and Mazda's manufacturing expertise and leveraging the joint venture's synergies. Based on this competitiveness, we will make every effort to becoming a best-in-town plant that will be loved by our hometown," he added.

Details of the Business Alliance

Signed agreement marks start of concrete collaboration aimed at creating new types of value for future mobility and achieving further sustainable growth

Tokyo, Japan, August 4, 2017?Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) signed an agreement today to enter a business and capital alliance, with the aim of further strengthening their lasting partnership.

Tokyo, Japan, August 4, 2017?Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) signed an agreement today to enter a business and capital alliance, with the aim of further strengthening their lasting partnership.

Details of the agreement on business alliance

1) Establish a joint venture that produces vehicles in the U.S.

As part of the new alliance, Toyota and Mazda have agreed to explore establishing a joint venture plant in the U.S. with equal funding contributions. The plant would have an estimated annual production capacity of approximately 300,000 units. Pending approvals and authorization by relevant government agencies, the companies will begin to examine detailed plans with the goal to starting operations of the new plant in 2021. The plant will require a total investment of approximately 1.6 billion U.S. dollars, and will create up to 4,000 jobs. In addition to the collaboration in product and technology areas that the companies have enjoyed thus far, Toyota and Mazda intend to improve competitiveness in manufacturing through this new production collaboration.

At the new plant, Mazda expects to produce cross-over models that Mazda will newly introduce to the North American market, and Toyota plans to produce the Corolla for the North American market.

By producing vehicles in the U.S., Mazda aims to build a production structure to further grow in North America. These activities will allow the company to more quickly respond to its customers' needs depending on the region and model.

By further increasing its production capacity in the U.S., Toyota is to further pursue management that is closer to the region, as a measure to improve its response to the growing North American market. At Toyota's new plant in Guanajuato, Mexico, which is currently under construction, Toyota plans to produce the Tacoma, instead of the Corolla. There will be no substantial impact on Toyota's investment and employment plan there.

2) Jointly develop technologies for electric vehicles

With increasing demand and expectations for electric vehicles worldwide, Toyota and Mazda are to explore joint development of technologies for the basic structure of competitive electric vehicles, mobilizing and exchanging expertise freely and actively. These technologies will allow the companies to respond quickly to regulations and market trends in each country. Specific details of the collaboration will be determined as the companies work together going forward.

3) Jointly develop connected technology and collaborate on advanced safety technologies

Toyota and Mazda will work together to jointly develop technologies for onboard multimedia infotainment systems in preparation for increased use of in-car information technologies and the increasing demand for connected technologies. In addition, Toyota will cooperate with Mazda in Toyota's vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies with the ultimate goal of creating a mobile society devoid of accidents.

4) Expand complementary products

Currently, Mazda is supplying a compact sedan to Toyota in North America. In addition, Toyota is to supply a compact commercial "two-box" van to Mazda in Japan. Beyond this, the companies will further explore the possibilities of other complementary products on a global level.


Huntsville is a fast growing city well known for it's aerospace and military industry. Several Fortune 500 companies are located in the metropolitan area with a population of around 450.000. Huntsville is regularly named as a premier location for both business and quality of life.

Home of the largest space museum in the world, Huntsville also offers a unique mixture of high-tech ventures, cultural diversity, a vibrant community and a beautiful environment.

The Mazda Toyota Manufacturing facility is located just 20 minutes away from Huntsville downtown.



Precision and execution of fundamentals are vital when creating world-class vehicles. At the end of the day, when our vehicles are on the road there’s no margin for error. Team member safety and customer safety are always our top priority. We educate, encourage and provide opportunities for engagement to every one of our team members. In return, they bring their best selves to the job each day. We are proud of what we produce and are motivated to execute perfectly every time.


Here, everyone has a voice and we want to hear yours! We realize each of you bring a unique set of backgrounds, beliefs and life experiences, which is what makes Mazda Toyota Manufacturing great. No matter who you are or where you come from, you are encouraged to bring your ideas regardless of how big, how small or how out of the box they may seem. Through participation in continuous improvement activities, engagement in diverse and inclusive teams, and the daily opportunity to suggest a great idea, your teamwork and collaboration make all the difference.


We appreciate the good people who work to produce Mazda Toyota Manufacturing’s world-class vehicles. We recognize how much you do for the company and community as a Mazda Toyota Manufacturing team member and we believe in thanking you for your hard work.


Our foundation is built upon best practices from Mazda and Toyota. We want our team members to be constantly learning from others and improving on our market leading quality & value with new, innovative ideas. We invite our team to challenge the status quo and continuously improve every aspect of our company while revolutionizing the automotive industry.


We love our hometown North Alabama community. By supporting local school STEM initiatives, food banks and focusing on environmental conservation, we want to be sure we make a difference in our hometown. We are looking for team members to help us build the culture of Mazda Toyota Manufacturing that relates to our mission, our community and one another.

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